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A subdomain is the name of a web page made up of a main domain and who will have the same name at the end, an example is that if I have a domain called, entering the Cpanel of my Hosting server I can create a Subdomain with the word “WEB” being then, to this subdomain I can install a totally independent wordpress without affecting absolutely anything of my main domain.

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At the time it was used to complement the main Domain, so if I want a forum on my website, instead of adding it to my wordpress from my main domain, a Subdomain such as was created and it did not affect my template or details in my main Domain. It can also be the case of a chat, or anything else that requires a different template or application than your website.

For my part, I use many subdomains to create pages totally different from the current domain to see or test from a template to an idea in general and after seeing the result of this I decide if I invest by buying a domain or I keep that subdomain totally free.

Advantages and Disadvantages of creating a subdomain for your website:


  • Definitely one of the advantages is that you can have your website better organized.
  • You will not load your website much since you will have it divided into different parts.
  • Subdomains are free and you won’t have to pay to create other pages or categories of your website with a Subdomains, at least with good hosting providers. I leave a link to our publication of different types of Hosting in which we tell you which are the most recommended.


  • If you create Subdomains to have categories or options such as Forums or Chat, you would have to access different pages to be able to modify each topic in each one of them.
  • The name of the page with a subdomain becomes too long since it has the domain name at the end. For this reason it is recommended to put a short name to the subdomains.

Visit our YouTube channel and discover our video “Creating a web page for my wife” in which the steps are:

  • 1: Creating a subdomain
  • 2: Installing WordPress
  • 3: Installing Template
  • 4: Modifying Menu

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