SEO Service

Our comprehensive SEO service package is designed to boost your business’s online presence and improve your search engine visibility.

Our strategic and personalized approach covers a series of essential services

US $500 to US $1,000

Basic Level

SEO Starter
  • Keyword Analysis:
    Extensive research to identify the most relevant keywords for your niche and audience.
  • Website Optimization:
    Improving website structure and content to comply with SEO best practices.
  • Initial Performance Report:
    Detailed evaluation of the current state of your website and its visibility in search engines.


Recommended for Local Business: This package is ideal for small local businesses, such as restaurants, salons or retail stores. It will help improve your online visibility and attract local customers interested in your products or services.

US $1,000 to US $2,000

Intermediate level

Advanced SEO
  • Keyword Analysis:
    Research and selection of strategic keywords to increase your online visibility.
  • Competition Analysis:
    Evaluation of your competitors’ SEO strategy to identify opportunities.
  • Website Optimization:
    Improving the structure, speed and user experience on your website.
  • Content Strategy:
    Creation of a personalized content plan to attract your target audience.
  • Content Marketing:
    Creation and promotion of high-quality content to improve your online presence.


Recommended for Online Business: This package is suitable for online businesses, such as e-commerce stores, blogs or affiliate websites. It will help increase visibility on search engines and compete in a broader market.

US $2,500 to US $10,000

Advanced Level

Premium SEO
  • Advanced Keyword Analysis:
    Detailed research of high value keywords and niche opportunities.
  • Competition Analysis:
    In-depth evaluation of your competitors’ SEO strategies and development of tactics to surpass them.
  • Technical Site Optimization:
    Advanced optimization of technical aspects for optimal search engine performance.
  • Local Business Strategy:
    Maximizing visibility in local searches, such as Google Maps and local directories.
  • Creation of Personalized Strategies:
    Development of SEO strategies adapted to your objectives and specific audience.
  • Content and Link Marketing:
    Advanced link and content generation strategies to improve the authority of your website.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Analysis:
    Constantly monitor performance and adjust as necessary to maintain and improve your search engine rankings.


Recommended for Large Companies: This package is ideal for large companies with a significant online presence and a high level of competition. It is especially useful for businesses that want a comprehensive approach to SEO that includes local and national strategies.